Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No new clothes for a year

You read me right:

My goal, effective the day after my birthday, is to buy ZERO clothes for one year

A clothing fast.

By "no new clothes," I mean nothing new to me. Not even second-hand. No socks. No jewelry. Nothing. (I could have titled this post "No clothes for a year" but that might have been misconstrued.)

Project 333 has been phenomenally helpful in paring back my wardrobe and learning what I like to wear. However, I still find myself drawn to shop and browse frequently because I'm hunting for the perfect items to rotate into my wardrobe. Scanning the sundresses at Target, skimming Gap's spring tees, stalking the new postings on Twice, swinging by Goodwill when I'm out on the occasional kid-free errand... I still turn to shopping for entertainment and escape.

The truth is that clothes shopping isn't currently a constructive use of my resources, especially precious time. There are numerous higher priority things to spend on - I have relationships to nurture, good books to read, blogs to write, boys to homeschool, a home to preserve from chaos, a world to explore and a God to know.

There's an elegantly simple solution to the problem of over-shopping: forbid myself from acquiring additional wardrobe items for a year (and tell you I'm forbidden).

The truth is I have enough in my closet and drawers. Way more than enough, truth be told. Maybe not the perfect everything, but no risk of me going naked between now and next April. This is my Enough Experiment.

I'm sure there are going to be some challenges I haven't anticipated, and I have no tennis shoe backups for the pair that have already been in my closet a while.

But I'm giving myself a year of freedom from catalogs, sale emails, clearance racks and thrift stores! (Not 100% free - the boys will need a couple of pairs of pants, socks, and shoes, but those will be fairly straightforward errands) I'm actually toying with the idea of doing all my clothes shopping on my birthday each year, but I'll see how this year goes before I decide anything too drastic ;)

There's a Part II of this challenge that I'll post about next...

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  1. I love this idea! My bday is in May and I´m totally up for this challenge too!
    I think it will be a perfect pair for my frist P333!