Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aha! I'm a Soft Summer Deep

Or maybe a Deep Winter Soft.

Come again?

First of all, hi to everyone stopping by from the Project 333 Facebook page! I love what an engaged and positive community Courtney's brainchild has fostered. Reading many other posts sharing people's Project 333 experiences and wardrobes has been a blessing to me; I hope my story is yet another reconfirmation that you can do this! (and it's so worth it! :))

I thought about apologizing for yet another post about clothes, but remembered the reason I write here is the freedom to freely repeat myself regarding whatever's on my mind. Score one for the personal blog!

So, who is into seasonal color analysis

Remember the classic 80's book Color Me Beautiful that attempted to help women's find their most flattering colors by classifying them into four seasonal categories? I skimmed it as a kid when my mom was reading it, and completely failed to figure out where I fit. 

Now the common categories have been expanded to a total of 16 - four for each of the four seasons. What actually spurred my interest this week began with the Project 333 Pinterest board where I followed a capsule wardrobe pin to another page and so on, and eventually saw a number of capsule wardrobes tailored to seasonal classifications. 

You can find explanations and/or quizzes herehere, here and a plethora of Pinterest boards. Every celebrity you've heard of and a bunch you haven't have been analyzed and categorized.

I am still somewhat terrible with the self-analysis required to identify the features that place me in a particular group, so I've been working backwards instead. Now that I've done a lot of closet analysis, I am starting to learn what colors *really* flatter me. The shirt in the picture above (included in my Project 333 wardrobe) is one of them - a deep blue-green that almost matches my eyes. Dusty rose, slate blue, emerald green, some grayish-browns... Soft, dark, relatively cool colors.

Soft summer deep (a.k.a. Shaded Summer) strongly overlaps with the deep winter soft palette (a.k.a. Toned Winter), and they are two of the newest categories added to the color groupings. My best guess is I would fall into one of those two.

Pretty much everything here would be a good fit for me:

Do you know your season? What is it and how did you figure it out? Has it helped you make Project 333 decisions? Do you think this whole system is a crock?


  1. once when I went to harrod's a saleswoman told me that I should always wear gold jewelry and warm/gold-tone makeup because my skin has a golden hue to it. She was right, because all the makeup I wore had blue/purple/silver as its base. When I switched I stopped looking so goth and it really improved my looks. I still wear blues and purples for my clothes, though, and they look good because my eyes are blue.

    Cool post!

  2. If I had to guess I would guess you are soft summer deep as opposed to a deep winter soft because your color looks to be medium to medium dark brown which would be deep for a summer for sure but not a winter.Plus you have blue eyes that are not dark at all