Monday, February 18, 2013

Farewell Facebook app

I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone on Friday.

I picked up The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business at the library last week, and it's triggered some reflection on the habits I've fallen into unintentionally and want to change.

One problematic routine is picking up my phone whenever I'm bored and killing time by flipping through Facebook, Instagram, email, and sometimes Twitter.

For the umpteenth time, even though the only new Facebook updates are a political news article shared by a high school acquaintance, and a business trying to increase my Facebook engagement by asking about fans weekend plans. 

Another trigger is when the boys get super-fussy, I turn to the phone for mental escape.

How do I know it's a routine? Most of the time I don't even notice I've done the "open iPhone" moves - you know, clickswipe - until after the lit home screen is staring me in the face. Sometimes I've already opened an app too, before I consciously decide to use my phone.

Now, not only do I not have random acquaintance and business statuses at my finger tips, but removing the app has also shaken up how I access all my other apps - they have all shifted one spot to the right on my screen!

I could easily reorganize apps to restore the balance of things, but I think this is a good thing. It's kind of like using your other hand to brush your teeth - you take a lot more notice of what you're doing because it feels weird.

So if you're overusing your smartphone, consider re-organizing your app order on a regular basis to break the automatic-ness of habitual tapping!

I'm not exactly sticking it to Mark Zuckerberg; my Facebook account remains for the moment. I still find it the best way to keep up with a lot of people, and I use it for my other blog. But I can only use it during the times of day when I'm at the computer.

Nor am I ditching the smartphone (yet). While I've axed Facebook and am trying to avoid checking email, I do love me some Instagram. And Kindle. And camera for that matter.

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